DUOLINGO For Grammar Learning

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Indah Sri Redjeki R. Muhajir


Grammar is a basic knowledge of English that helps ESL / EFL learners to read , write, speak and understand English effectively. However, it is a dynamic variable of language that makes it difficult to teach and learn. Teaching grammar, therefore, should be enjoyable to support learners with better achievement. This must be accomplished by understanding that today's learners are digital natives who have grown up with technological advances. As a result, technology plays a very important role in teaching English. In the same way as the English learning environment at Universitas Ibn Khaldun-Bogor, technology is used in English classrooms to make students more excited and inspired. This relates to the existing educational paradigms and phenomena that provide the basis for the implementation of novel methods and techniques to implement an active learning process. Gamification of education is such a phenomenon. Particular games can illustrate the motivational dimensions of a game's involvement and enhance the enthusiasm for a game of grammar learning. Previous studies have shown that one gamification media that can be used to enhance students' grammar is Duolingo. This article is one of some results of the research financed by Kemenristek / BRIN. The goals of this article are to offer a technology-based English teaching model using Duolingo, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, and to give teachers and learners a good alternative for improving students' English grammar in order to support new technology-based teaching and learning process.

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