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Muhamad Rizky Fadillah


Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an active student-centered form of instruction which is characterized by students’ creativity. One kind of project-based learning implementation is using a video-based project. Accordingly, the purposes of this research were to know how the implementation of video-based projects to facilitate students’ speaking skills and to know the impact of the video-based project on students’ speaking skills. As the media, Screencast O Matic (SOM) was utilized in this research. The qualitative data was obtained from observation, interviews, and online artifacts. The participants of this study were students of the eleventh grade of Vocational High School which the majors of Multimedia. Meanwhile, classroom action research used in conducting this research reported two cycles. Cycle 1 consisted of three meetings, while cycle 2 consisted of one meeting. The findings informed that the learning process was conducted through some stages of PBL implementation techniques, which were providing the topic based on curriculum, designing the project activity, students conducting the project, and students’ performing in front of the class. Furthermore, there were several impacts after using video-based projects towards the atmosphere of the learning process, the PBL activities using SOM, and the enhancement of students’ speaking skills.    

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FADILLAH, Muhamad Rizky. FACILITATING STUDENTS’ SPEAKING SKILLS USING VIDEO-BASED PROJECT. Bogor English Student And Teacher (BEST) Conference, [S.l.], v. 2, p. 97-101, jan. 2021. ISSN 2721-0219. Available at: <http://pkm.uika-bogor.ac.id/index.php/best/article/view/806>. Date accessed: 15 june 2021.