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Muhammad Fadil Jumami


The objective of this study was to know how canva mediates students‟in creative writing, and to find the impacts of the use of Canva on the students‟ in creative writing. Using canva Application, the students found something new. Canva offers great advantages in improving students’ writing performance. Basically, the use of Canva in writing supports them by providing pictures, color, images, photos, font, and graphics. Writing is an activity that using critical thinking to create some words to be one sentence. Writing can be defined as a process of transforming thought into written language. The purpose of the study to investigate Students’ Perception of using canva in Creative Writing. The data were obtained from questionnaires and interviews. The participants of this study were 8 Students of senior higt school. The results were Students have a positive perception of using canva in creative writing, and the application makes the students easier, enjoy, have fun, easy to understand, and motivated them to learn English. Because, the application is easy to use, and the picture of the application interested the students. Also, the students can improve their abilities in learning English with this application, for instance, they improve their skills in English language. Besides that, creative writing can improve students’ imagination skills and get new knowledge of creative writing.

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JUMAMI, Muhammad Fadil. USING CANVA IN TEACHING WRITING TO EFL CLASSROOM STUDENTS. Bogor English Student And Teacher (BEST) Conference, [S.l.], v. 3, p. 60-65, dec. 2021. ISSN 2721-0219. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 june 2022.