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Sri Surachmi W Karl Jahniel S. Sison


Discussions about learning models and teaching media in the digital era, especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, are very important and urgent in the world of education. The online learning model is one of the models chosen because it is an effective future model in accordance with the demands of the development of science and technology. This online learning system also requires teaching media that are relevant to the learning process. In this regard, this scientific study aims to provide solutions for teachers in creating teaching media in online learning through virtual classes that can foster virtual learning and teaching interactions, especially in learning English. Educaplay is presented as an attractive, interactive, and attractive form of platform-based teaching media. As an attractive platform, educaplay can at least reduce the difficulty of teachers in preparing teaching materials and teaching media in carrying out virtual classes. Of course, the interesting thing about this platform is that it has a lot of potential from several functions. In addition, the platform can encourage students to learn better and have fun even though they have to study in virtual classroom conditions. Thus, educaplay is valuable for stimulating self-confidence, skill achievement, understanding knowledge, reflection and argumentation in the learning process as well as communication interactions between teachers and learner.

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W, Sri Surachmi; S. SISON, Karl Jahniel. EDUCAPLAY AS TEACHING MEDIA IN VIRTUAL CLASSES. Bogor English Student And Teacher (BEST) Conference, [S.l.], v. 3, p. 1-6, dec. 2021. ISSN 2721-0219. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 27 june 2022.