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Warsono Setiawan Didin Hafidhuddin Abas Mansur Tamam


Education is an effort to pass on values that will be a helper and guide to life as well as to
improve the fate of human civilization. Without education, the fate of the human generation
will not be different from the past, and the future generations (our descendants) will not
different from our generation in the present, maybe even worse. RI Law Number 20 Year
2003 also regulates Indonesian National Education based on Pancasila with the aim of
developing the potential of students to become believers and fear of God Almighty, noble,
healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent, and. Democratic citizens and
responsible country. In reality in the field, we still find parents giving up full children's
education to school with the hope that their children will be smart in the smart sense of their
IQ without paying attention to spiritual intelligence. So that many people encounter children
who leave prayer, use drugs, against parents and even kill and imprison their own parents,
easily influenced and follow a culture that tends to be secular. With these problems,
researchers want to know how the pattern of education to educate children according to
Suharsono. In this study, researchers used qualitative types of research. Suharsono was born
in Jepara, Central Java, December 20, 1961. Born to a family whose biological father was
named Darbi. His father was an elementary school teacher in Bangsri Village, Bangsri
District, and his biological mother named Saudah was a farm worker. Suharsono is an
author who is interested in the issues of philosophy, epistemology and the study of
civilization and he is one of the Islamic leaders who are competent in the world of children's
education. Based on the results of research conducted by researchers, that the pattern of
education to educate children according to Suharsono, the first to play an active role is
parents, educating children by following the pattern of education taught by the Prophet
Muhammad. Educating children is not the responsibility of the teachers and educational
institutions, but teachers and educational institutions are only as a place that helps parents
in their efforts to educate children. According to Suharsono the right pattern of education is
to follow the pattern of education that the Prophet Muhammad did. That is three important
aspects that must be done so that the child becomes smart in all things, namely the first thing
to do is educate by introducing children to verses about the power of God. Secondly, teaching
the Qur'an from childhood and telling stories of Wisdom. Third is the cleansing of one's soul
and body from influences that can damage them.

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